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Changes in registration

Name changes

Name changes are possible during the pre-registration period only. Therefore no name change requests will be accepted on-site.
Name changes should be processed only between delegates belonging to the same registration category. Participants belonging to different registration categories processing a name change will not be entitled to reimbursement if the fee paid by the old delegate is higher than the new participant fee (e.g. Members replacing Non-Members. This will be applied to any registration category).
Participant replacing a delegate registered with a lower registration fee is requested to pay the difference between his registration fee and the old delegate one (e.g. Non-Members replacing Members).
Name changes can be requested via email by the registration owner to the Registration Department.
Each name change will cost € 50,00.

NB: Low Cost fees are NOT transferable and NOT refundable.

Badge re-printing

On-site, for the re-printing of forgotten/lost/stolen badges, € 50,00 will be charged.