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Instructions for presenters

Short communications / Oral presentations

All oral sessions are pre-recorded 60-minutes sessions. There are a maximum of 9 presentations in each oral session. The short communications or oral presentations are 6 minutes, which cannot be exceeded. You will have 1 minute for the introduction and 5 minutes for the slides.

IMPORTANT: We will contact  directly all presenters to pre-record your presentation.   

Your slides: 

  • For 6 minutes of presentation, you can prepare maximum 5 slides in PowerPoint, including the introduction and end slide. 
  • Be sure that the PowerPoint slides have the same layout all way through. 
  • Observe that the content of each slide is not too detailed.
  • Avoid showing big tables (‘busy slides’) and then ask the audience just to concentrate on a small part of the table. Prepare the results specific for your presentation.
  • Graphs and figures are often better than tables at an oral presentation. Flow charts are very appropriate to describe material.
  • Films and other interactive material or animations are not possible.

Technical information:

  • All the technical details will be announced shortly.

We will contact  directly all presenters to pre-record your presentation.

Workshop presentations

All workshops are 60 minutes live or pre-recorded sessions.

IMPORTANT: Please make arrangements with your workshop organisers with regard to your presentation.

We will contact workshop organiser with technical details.

E-Poster presentations (poster displays)

All posters will be displayed electronically.

IMPORTANT: Your poster is needed by 28 September in order to create a full poster session.

Your poster: 
Here are some tips on how to prepare your poster: 

  • Bring the conclusion up front in the poster and present it as ‘bullets’. 
  • Avoid long sentences, but try to make all your text messages in bullets. 
  • Avoid detailed tables, but try to illustrate your results in graphs and flow charts. 
  • Colours can be used to stress certain sections, but do not exaggerate.
  • Films and other interactive material or animations are not possible.

Technical information: 

  • An uploading system is used for all posters.
  • Posters will be displayed in LANDSCAPE (not portrait).
  • Required resolution is 1920x1080 pixels.  
  • Please click here for instructions on how to prepare your PowerPoint slide for display, before you save it to PDF.

You can also use the PPT template provided here.

Please upload your poster as PDF file (not as a PowerPoint file) with a maximum of 3Mb.