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Instructions for Workshop presenters

All workshops are 60 minutes live sessions. In order to broadcast your live workshop session smoothly, we ask you to:

  • give your consent to the use of your image, please find the image disclaimer at the following link
  • have a LAN connection, as a WIFI connection sometimes is not fast enough to support the platform.
  • limit the size of your presentation to 500 MB. We suggest to zip photos or images included in it.
  • NOT to include videos or other heavy formats in the presentation.
  • name your presentation “WCPH_Surname_date_Session_Code” (For example:  WCPH_Varvesi_13_Oct_1.A.)(Check your session code on the programme online (

To make your presentation more attractive for the live session at the WCPH2020, we suggest:

  • To limit the number of slides in your presentation to 10;
  • To interact with the audience, include a poll with a maximum 5 closed questions (f.e. yes or no). You should send your poll to before 28 September

Workshop organizers, presenters and chairs will receive an invitation to familiarize themselves with the congress platform. With the invitation they receive a pdf with the instructions and a video tutorial.

During the rehearsal it will be possible to upload your presentation. In case you do not upload it during the rehearsal, you will have to go back to the platform and upload it yourself before the congress. During the WCPH2020 live session it will not be possible to upload the presentations but you can share your screen with the audience.