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Student proof of status

Below are the mandatory requirements for a valid Proof of Status:

  • It must be issued in English;
  • It must be issued on official hospital or university letterhead;
  • The date of issue has to be not older than 6 months starting from the registration date;
  • It must display the applicant’s full name and date of birth;
  • It must mention the beginning and the end of the residency (for residents only);
  • It has to be signed by the head of department (hospital or academic institution) confirming the full-time status of the applicant;
  • It has to include the following head of department’s details: full name, department, email address and telephone number;

Please, also take into consideration the following:

  • The registration team will have to review it and approve it;
  • Invalid Proof of Status cannot be accepted: the WCPH 2020 decision will be final and the registration fee will be automatically updated to the Non-Member full fee;
  • Once the online pre-registrations period for the Congress is closed, participants still wishing to register will need to bring their Proof of Status on-site, in order to benefit from the reduced fee.