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What happened to the Enlightment?

Health public policies are built on evidence and reason. Today, these principles are under attack, from politicians who see the truth as optional and by powerful vested interests using ever more sophisticated means to shape public opinion. The ability to create Deepfakes, in which words are literally put into the mouths of others, or at least images of them, mean we can no longer believe our eyes. Fake news is widespread, and travels much faster than the truth.

In this session we call on the public health community to recognize the threat that these developments pose and to acquire the skills necessary to combat them. How do we recognize fake news? How do we discover who is spreading it, and why? And how do we frame our messages so they don’t backfire? Introduced by an investigative journalist who has done more than almost anyone else to expose the scale and nature of interference in political processes, we ask public health professionals from around the world to reflect on what we need to do.

Moderators: Giuseppe Remuzzi, Italy, and Vina Hulamm, United States


  • Summer May Finlay, Champion of the rights of indigenous people, Australia
  • Stefan Buttigieg, Malta
  • Others to be announced