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How to submit a WLD proposal

World Leadership Dialogues (WLD) proposals can be submitted by health organisations, NGOs, commercial organisations but not by individuals. WLDs should be self-sustainable with the organisers covering all expenses related to the development of the session and the participation of the speakers including congress registration fees. You can download the guidelines on how to submit a WLD proposal here or follow the instructions below.

Key requirements

WLDs should:

  • Be submitted by organisations, working groups, foundations but not individuals. Joint application of several organizations is strongly recommended.
  • Provide a truly multidisciplinary perspective with at least one speaker outside the medical or public health field (i.e. experts in marketing, engineers, urban planning, anthropologists etc.)
  • Guarantee geographical representation from across WFPHA regions with at least one third of speakers from low-middle income countries.
  • Assure gender and age balance with appropriate representation ofyoung professional and women speakers. If applicable, one speaker from indigenous or minority group is recommended.


To cover the costs of room rental, audio-visual equipment, cleaning and security, the following fees  apply:

  • Public sector organisations, health organisations, NGOs: EUR 10,000 (exclusive 22% VAT). In case your organisation is not able to meet the sponsorship requirements, please highlight this in your application and proceed with the submission.
  • Commercial organisations: EUR 20,000 (exclusive 22% VAT)
  • Travel, accommodation and registration of speakers, panellists, moderators to be covered by WLD organisers.

Requirements for submission of proposals

WLD proposals should include the following conventions:

  • Include the background of the key questions to be addressed;
  • Include a brief outline of the overall format and contents;
  • Identify specific objectives and main messages;
  • Include, if possible, names of speakers or panellists. 

Guidelines to assist in preparing a WLD proposal 

  • The emphasis is intended to be on dialogue rather than the session becoming a series of lectures.
  • The time allotted for each WLD is 60 minutes, usually organized as 10-15-min talk slots, followed by questions and discussion.
  • Alternative formats, such as a debate or an extended Q&A between the audience and all speakers, may also be considered.
  • Speakers should understand that no honorarium or complimentary registration is given for participation.
  • Proposals should be submitted in English. Graphics or tables cannot be accepted. Use standard abbreviations.
  • The call for WLD proposals is open from 1 August 2019 until 15 January 2020. Feedback by 30 January 2020.
  • The Congress Management Committee (CMC) is in charge of selecting the WLDs. The CMC may consider a few WLDs in different languages presented by Associations or Federations to discuss themes of regional interest.

Template WLD proposal

Complete your WLD proposal in an empty Word document following the template below and send the document by email to

Title of the World Leadership Dialogue[Calibri, 14pt, Bold]
No more than 100 characters Title should be brief and clearly indicate the contents

Organiser [Calibri, 11pt]
Indicate the organiser of the WLD

E-mail contact
E-mail contact of submitter/organiser

Explain the relevance of the WLD. What is the added value of organising the WLD? Describe the format of the WLD. What is the coherence between the presentations in relation to the topic of the WLD? Maximum number of words:  400.

Describe the objectives of the WLD. What should be achieved by organising the WLD. What will participants have learned?

Main messages
Two short (200 characters maximum) messages which summarise the main impact of the proposed WLD.

If applicable, include the titles and short description of the presentations in the WLD. The maximum number of presentations is five. The maximum number of words per presentation: 100.

If applicable, include the names, affiliations, countries of work of panellists.